What Can You Do With Broccoli Stems?

What Can You Do With Broccoli Stems
Best Don’t Waste Them! Five Delectable Ways To Prepare Broccoli Stems Recipes, News, and Advice- Tos Food waste is a significant issue in Canada, but there are several simple, often-overlooked steps you can take at home to significantly minimize your waste footprint.

For example, finding inventive (and delectable!) ways to consume the frequently rejected portions of fruits and vegetables. The majority of people discard leaves, peels, stems, and stalks, despite the fact that they may add flavor, texture, and color to a variety of recipes. If you frequently question what to do with broccoli stems, we have you covered: After being peeled, they are sweet and crisp, and when cooked, they become extremely soft.

You can shred broccoli stems into rice, spiralize them into noodles, puree them into hummus or pesto, add them to broths, mix them into soups, and even bake them into french fries (yes, really!). Read on to find out how to accomplish it.

Can you consume broccoli stems?

The florets, the blooms at the top of the stem that take up texture and absorb tastes and seasonings well, receive all the attention. The stems, however, are entirely edible if prepared properly; they taste similar to the florets, but are milder and sweeter, nearly like kohlrabi.