What Does It Mean When You Crave Broccoli?

What Does It Mean When You Crave Broccoli
A craving for kale? Yes, occasionally we do want fresh foods and veggies, such as kale or broccoli. Frequently, this craving for fresh foods occurs when the body requires additional Vitamin C, calcium, iron, or magnesium. “Indulge yourself if you begin to want fruits and veggies!” Newhouse declared.

Why do I feel better after consuming broccoli?

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Regular vitamin C consumption may have a positive effect on recovery from strenuous exercise. A two-week research indicated that individuals who ingested 400mg of vitamin C daily (a single serving of broccoli has around 132mg) had enhanced muscular function and less muscle pain after exercise.

  1. Vitamin C in broccoli is essential for the growth and repair of all bodily tissues.
  2. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, vitamin C aids in wound healing and bone and tooth maintenance.
  3. Vitamin C aids in the development of collagen, which is essential for the formation of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, and skin.

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