What Does It Mean When Tomato Plant Leaves Curl?

What Does It Mean When Tomato Plant Leaves Curl
The leaves on your tomato plant may curl up occasionally; this is quite normal and won’t in any way harm the plant. The inward curling of leaves of this sort is usually always a reaction to some kind of environmental stress. The leaves of your plant will curl up to defend themselves if it is being subjected to an excessive amount of sun, extremely high temperatures, an excessive amount of wind, or a lack of water.

Why are the leaves of my tomato plant curling?

When the temperature is high and there is not enough moisture in the air, the margins of the tomato leaves might die back and then twist and curl. The symptom known as physiological leaf roll can also be brought on by hot and dry conditions. This is a self-defense mechanism that causes the leaves and leaflets to curl up ever-so-slightly to prevent the plant from losing any more water (see Figure).

Will tomato leaf curl go away?

In most cases, if you refrain from overwatering or work to improve drainage, this issue will resolve itself on its own. One thing you may do to reduce the risk of heat and sun damage to your tomatoes is to cover them with a shade cloth and maintain a constant watering schedule, being careful not to saturate the soil with water.

Can aphids make tomato leaves curl?

Keep an eye out for pests. Aphids are a frequent type of insect pest that can be found in vegetable gardens. They can also cause the leaves of tomatoes to curl.