Why Are My Tomato Plants Not Blooming?

Why Are My Tomato Plants Not Blooming
Tomatoes require warm weather with temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit to produce their best fruit. Tomato plants will cease their blooming and fruiting processes if exposed to temperatures that are excessively high for extended periods of time (anything more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit).

How often should you feed tomato plants?

Feeding. Once the first fruits begin to swell, start feeding the plant every 10–14 days with a high potassium liquid fertilizer. This will help enhance fruiting, especially with plants that are grown in containers.

When should my tomato plants start flowering?

After around five to seven weeks, the tomato plants should begin to produce yellow flowers, and not long after that, you should see that some of those blossoms have developed into small green tomatoes. If you don’t acquire flowers, you will never receive fruit!