Why Is My Tomato Plant Leaves Turning Brown?

Why Is My Tomato Plant Leaves Turning Brown
The browning of the leaves of vegetable plants can be caused by a variety of factors, including a lack of available water, an excess of available water, an excessive application of fertilizer, soil pollution, disease, or an infestation of insects.

Should I cut the brown leaves off my tomato plant?

Should I remove the leaves that have died from my tomato plant? Yes. To maintain your tomato plant healthy and to stop the spread of illness, it is a good idea to prune it on a regular basis so that you may remove any leaves that have died.

Should I cut dead leaves off my plant?

Should you clip off the leaves that are dying? Yes. As soon as possible, remove brown and dead leaves from your houseplants; however, you should only do so if more than 50 percent of the leaves are damaged. By removing these leaves, the plant will be able to make better use of the nutrients that are still present in its foliage, and the cut will also improve the plant’s look.