How Can The Seahawks Get The 1 Seed?

How Can The Seahawks Get The 1 Seed
Sunday’s 20-9 victory against the Rams ensured that the Seahawks will host at least one playoff game and earn a top-three seed in the NFC. It would need not just a victory in their regular-season finale versus San Francisco, but also assistance from a couple other NFC teams for the Seahawks to improve their standing.

Do the Seahawks have a shot at making the playoffs?

Now, the Seahawks have a 30% chance of qualifying for the playoffs.

Can Seattle still make the playoffs?

The Seahawks are no longer eligible for the playoffs.
The Seattle Kraken are no longer eligible for the NHL playoffs. Casey Davis and 1,786 others agree with this statement. I’m not sure if I’m more surprised that ESPN posted about hockey or that they didn’t somehow connect it to Lebron.