How Do Chiefs Get 1 Seed?

How Do Chiefs Get 1 Seed
The Chiefs have tie breakers or at a least a one game cushion against every other team in the AFC. So, a Chiefs win and Titans loss is the only requirement to take back the top seed.

Do Chiefs hold the top seed?

1 seed, while the Chiefs get the No.2 seed.

What it means for the Chiefs – Depending on what transpires this weekend, the Chiefs (11-5) could be seeded anywhere from first to fourth. The ideal situation for Kansas City would be to defeat the Broncos while the Texans upset the Titans (11-5). The Chiefs would be the top seed in the playoffs.

  • The Titans have the head-to-head tiebreaker against the Chiefs, meaning a Titans defeat (or tie) is necessary for the Chiefs to receive a first-round bye.
  • The Chiefs may still be the second seed if the Bengals, Bills, and Patriots all lose or tie and the Bengals, Bills, and Patriots all lose.
  • Each of the three teams with a 10-6 record has a tiebreaker advantage over the Chiefs.

The Bengals visit the Browns, Buffalo hosts the Jets, and the Patriots travel to Miami. Therefore, it is also feasible that the Chiefs will be seeded second, third, or fourth when the playoffs begin, depending on the performance of the Bengals, Bills, and Patriots.

  1. By defeating the Jets, Buffalo will win the AFC East, while New England will be a wild-card club.
  2. The Patriots would win the division with a win against Miami and a loss by the Bills.
  3. If the Chiefs defeat the Broncos, they will be no worse than the No.2 seed.
  4. And if the Chiefs were the second seed, they would likely meet the Patriots, Bills, Colts, Steelers, Ravens, Raiders, or Chargers in the wild-card round.
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In conclusion, several scenarios remain. If you want to have a little fun, you can use ESPN’s Playoff Machine to input in Week 18 winners and see how it might alter the playoff seeding. This article was first published at 11:22 a.m. on January 3, 2022. Pete has covered a variety of events since joining The Star in 1997, ranging from the World Series to the World Cup.

Can the Chiefs possibly lose the top seed?

1 seed as the Chiefs suffer a loss – The Athletic.

TEAM Titans
WEEK 17 W vs. MIA

The Kansas City Chiefs have secured the No.2 seed in the American Football Conference but still have hopes of claiming the top place. ESPN’s Kansas City Chiefs Blog Jan 8, 2022 DENVER – The won the No.2 seed in the AFC playoffs by defeating the on Saturday, but did not resemble a squad poised for a lengthy playoff run.

In order to defeat the Broncos, it took an 86-yard fumble return by a linebacker in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs will be glued to their televisions on Sunday, namely for the matchup between and. If the Titans lose against the Texans, Kansas City would get the top seed and the only first-round bye in the AFC playoffs.

“I will watch every game,” declared the quarterback. Obviously, I’ll have the game on the television and will be watching it. Everything you require for the week: • | • • | • The Chiefs will host a wild-card playoff game next weekend unless Houston wins Tennessee, but they appear to need a week off.

  • They had difficulty against the 7-10 Broncos, who entered the game averaging fewer than 20 points per game.
  • In none of their previous three games, they had scored more than 13 points.
  • In addition to scoring 24 points, the Broncos accumulated 364 yards, much over their season average of 328.
  • Andy Reid, who with Saturday’s victory became the seventh coach in NFL history to win 250 games, including the playoffs, stated, “If we don’t get the bye, we’ll be ready.” The Chiefs have now won 13 consecutive games against the Broncos, with their previous loss occurring in 2015 when Peyton Manning was the quarterback for Denver.
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The Chiefs, who concluded the regular season with a record of 12-5, had earlier secured their sixth consecutive AFC West championship: The Kansas City Chiefs have secured the No.2 seed in the American Football Conference but still have hopes of claiming the top place.

Can Bengals secure the top seed?

1 SEED. On Sunday, the Bengals must defeat the Browns if they are to ascend to the top spot. In addition, the Tennessee Titans must lose against the Houston Texans, and the Kansas City Chiefs must lose against the Denver Broncos.

After the game, coach Matt LaFleur said, “I don’t believe anybody in that locker room is going to take a big breath and say, ‘Hey, we’ve arrived.'” Every game from here on out is essentially win-or-go-home, and you must prepare throughout the week to be at your best; we know this going into every game.