How Long After Tenacity Can I Seed?

How Long After Tenacity Can I Seed
How soon after applying Tenacity Herbicide can I reseed? Josh from Trumbull, Connecticut writes: How long should I wait before reseeding if it kills creeping bentgrass in a few weeks, or longer if multiple applications are required? can be applied at the time of sowing or immediately after for the majority of grass varieties.

Can tenacity be utilized twice?

How many times each season may Tenacity Herbicide be applied to the same lawn? Thomas writes from Glen Allen Exists a limit? I am noticing benefits after the first two applications (2.5 weeks apart), but the yellow nutsedge is not completely eradicated.

  1. Thanks. You may apply numerous times per year so long as you do not exceed the yearly limit rate of 16 oz per acre per year.
  2. After two to three weeks, you may need to reapply Tenacity to address yellow nutsedge; be careful to use for post-emergence treatments.
  3. We would give nutsedge at least two weeks to turn yellow following herbicide treatments.

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How long does soil retain tenacity?

How long does the pre-emergence effect of Tenacity Herbicide last? James from Abingdon, Virginia writes as a pre-emergent does not persist for more than 30 days. It does specify on the product label that straight pre-emergent products, such as those used for long-term control, may also be used as pre-emergents.

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R/lawncare – Can anyone relate their genuine experience using Tenacity while sowing fine fescue? How poorly and slowly did it develop? This was posted on the lawn forum: Fine fescue seed germination is unaffected by tenacity, however establishment of seedlings is slowed by 50% to 75% following germination.

This makes them exceptionally vulnerable to heat, drought, disease, and other problems. Any more grasses would presumably dominate. Theoretically, this might be countered by increasing the percentage of fine fescue in the mixture, but total establishment would be extremely sluggish. Tenacity should be used as a post-emergence treatment after the fine fescue has become established.

There are instructions on the packaging — four weeks after seeding or two mowings, whichever comes first: r/lawncare – Can anyone relate their genuine experience using Tenacity while sowing fine fescue? How poorly and slowly did it develop?

When should persistence be utilized?

When is Tenacity Herbicide most effective? This herbicide should be applied to a dry grass in the spring or fall when the air temperature is less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. After approximately two hours, it is OK for pets and children to play on the lawn. After two hours, rain or an increase in temperature will not influence the efficiency of the weed killer.
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