How Many Pounds Of Seed Potatoes Do I Need?

How Many Pounds Of Seed Potatoes Do I Need
One pound of potato seed will cover 5-8 row feet, 2.5 pounds will cover 12-15 row feet, 5 pounds will cover 25 row feet, and 20 pounds will cover 100 row feet. As the eyes of fingerling potatoes spiral along the length of the tuber, use approximately half of these quantities. To avoid root damage, cultivate shallowly.

How many potatoes does one pound of seed produce?

One pound of seed potatoes yields approximately eight to ten plantable seed pieces. That is sufficient for a 10 foot long row if the pieces are separated by 12 inches. When I first figured out how to plant seed potatoes, I discovered that closer spacing also works.

Plant when the soil is between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit and dry enough to work easily, roughly when dandelions bloom. Planting in cooler soil slows germination and increases the possibility of seed decay. Additionally, planting in hot, dry soil increases the possibility of seed decay.

How much does an acre of potatoes cost?

Based on the used assumptions, the estimated total production costs for Russet Burbank potatoes are $5,577 per acre and for Russet Norkotah potatoes, $5,590 per acre.