How Often Does A 13 Seed Beat A 4 Seed?

How Often Does A 13 Seed Beat A 4 Seed
How frequently does a No.13 seed defeat a No.4 seed in the NCAA Tournament? A 13 seed has defeated a 4 seed 31 times in the previous 36 years, per the NCAA. Just about 21 percent is the victory percentage for the lowest seed. Six of the 31 upsets occurred in the previous five tournaments, including two in the most recent event.

How often has a 13 seed defeated a 4?

How frequently do No.13 seeds in the NCAA Tournament defeat No.4 seeds? No.13 seeds have a slightly greater chance of advancing than No.14 seeds. Since 1985, No.13 seeds are 31-113 against No.4 seeds. North Texas and Ohio were the most recent No.13 seeds to defeat No.4 seeds in the first round in 2021.

History of Lower Seeds and How Far They Advance in March Madness – #9 The furthest a No.9 seed has advanced is to the Final Four, which occurred in 2013 when Wichita State fell to eventual champion and No.1 seed Louisville. The Final Four is the furthest a 10 seed has advanced in the NCAA Tournament.

It has only occurred once, in 2016, when No.10 Syracuse completed the feat. Prior to then, the No.10 seeds had an Elite Eight record of 0-7. Five eleven seeds have reached the Final Four, including UCLA in 2021, Loyola-Chicago in 2018, VCU in 2011, George Mason in 2006, and LSU in 1986. The 11 is the highest seed to reach the Final Four as of 2022.

#12 Only two No.12 seeds have made it to the last eight, but they are the highest seeds to do so. Oregon State Beavers in 2021 and Missouri Tigers in 2002. #13 Six No.13 seeds have advanced to the Sweet 16.2013 was the most recent year that La Salle reached this round.

Chattanooga in 1997 and Cleveland State in 1986 are the only No.14 seeds to get to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. In 2013, #15 Florida Gulf Coast became the first No.15 seed to go to the Sweet 16 after winning two playoff games. In 2021, Oral Roberts became the second. In 2022, St. Peter’s, coached by head coach Shaheen Halloway, became the first 15 seed to go to the Elite Eight before losing to eighth-seeded North Carolina.

Everyone maintained that it was only a matter of time before a No.16 seed defeated a No.1 seed. In 2018, it came to pass, when the No.1 overall seed Virginia was eliminated by UMBC. The Cavaliers were defeated by a 20-point margin, which may have been the most surprising aspect (74-54).

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How often has a 15 seed defeated a 2 seed?

March Madness history of 15 seed vs 2 seed matchups – Ten 15 seeds have defeated two seeds in the history of the NCAA tournament. Prior to 2022, 15 seeded had a record of 9-135 versus 2s, a 6.25 victory percentage. Here are every instance in which it has ever occurred.

Year Result Score
1991 Richmond def. Syracuse 73-69
1993 Santa Clara def. Arizona 64-61
1997 Coppin State def. South Carolina 78-65
2001 Hampton def. Iowa State 58-57
2012 Lehigh def. Duke 75-70
2012 Norfolk State def. Missouri 86-84
2013 Florida Gulf Coast def. Georgetown 78-68
2016 Middle Tennessee def. Michigan State 90-81
2021 Oral Roberts def. Ohio State 75-72
2022 Saint Peter’s def. Kentucky 85-79

A few other details: A quarter of the contests have been decided by single-digit margins, about double the percentage of No.16 seeds. Louisiana Monroe and Belmont have the most No.15 seed appearances since the tournament’s expansion, as both teams have four appearances in that position.