How Saints Can Get 1 Seed?

How Saints Can Get 1 Seed
Thus, the only way the Saints can claim the No.1 seed with the first-round bye week and guaranteed home-field advantage through the playoffs is if the Packers, Seahawks, and Saints all end the season with tied 12-4 records. If that happens, the tiebreaker will be determined by each team’s record against NFC teams.

Can the Saints still qualify for the wild card?

How New Orleans can secure an NFC wild-card berth during Week 18 During the majority of the Drew Brees era, the Saints have been perennial postseason challengers. From 2014 to 2016, they did not make the playoffs, although throughout Brees’ 15-year tenure with the organization, they made the playoffs nine times and never finished lower than 7-9.

  • However, reaching the postseason without Brees will be challenging.
  • The Saints begin the last week of the 2021 NFL regular season with a record of 8-8.
  • They are the final club eliminated from the NFC Wild Card race and must win to secure a sixth straight playoff berth.
  • Even yet, this will not guarantee them a postseason berth.

This New Orleans club is different from the one that won the NFC South division last season. They are far weaker at receiver and have started four different quarterbacks this season, with Taysom Hill as their primary option for the postseason. If the Saints do make the playoffs, Sean Payton deserves a great deal of credit for his ability to keep this club afloat as the Brees era begins.

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The 2021 are extinct. Welcome to the 2022 New Orleans Saints, who have one regular season game remaining this year and might begin 2022 with a 1-0 record. If they do so, they may qualify for the postseason if they defeat the on Sunday. Sunday’s game between the Saints and Falcons in Atlanta is far from a certain conclusion, as the Dirty Birds have historically made life difficult for New Orleans.

Conversely, it is much more unlikely for the Rams to defeat the 49ers, given San Francisco has won the last five encounters between the clubs. After the horrific year of 2021, the Saints’ continued existence is a minor miracle. The Saints might play in the Wild Card round in around two weeks due to the plethora of injuries and the absence of COVID-19 reserve players (including the head coach).

Who is the #1 seed?

*1 Titans 12-5
*2 Chiefs 12-5
*3 Bills 11-6
*4 Bengals 10-7