How To Breed A Seed Dragon?

How To Breed A Seed Dragon
The Seed Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Cold, Water and Light elements at any Breeding Cave.

How long does it take in Dragon Mania Legends to hatch a Seed Dragon?

The Seed Dragon is a Normally-Breedable Dragon that may be obtained by breeding two Dragons with the Wind and Plant Elements, or by purchasing it for 165 Gems from the Main Shop. Both approaches need that the Trainer has achieved Level 11. Breeding this Dragon requires six hours, while incubation and hatching the resulting egg takes eight hours and thirty minutes.

Breeding Season

Time Dragons
15 hours Penguin, Pirate and Poo
16 hours Alpine, Ice Cream, Fluorescent, Steampunk, Jade, Dragonfly, Battery, Pearl, Vampire, Carnivore Plant, Petroleum,Treasure and Plankton
18 hours Archangel
20 hours Exclusive Dragons

How is a legendary Dragon bred in ML?

Refer to Hatching for further information. Once two Dragons are placed to the Breeding Den, they will mate and produce an egg after a period of time. The Hatchery must nurture eggs until they are ready to hatch. Upon completion of the incubation period, the baby may be put in one of the Habitats or sold on the spot.

Certain dragons must reach a minimum level before they may be developed. This will necessitate the presence of both the Monument of the Epics and Relic of the Epics in the park in order to level dragons beyond Level 15.

How long do dragon egg seeds require to germinate?

Described as: – Plant: Traditional Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) The hue is creamy/white Days to Mature: 50 to 70 Frostproof: No Lifespan: Annual When to plant: just after all danger of frost has gone Edible: Yes Part Eaten: Fruit