How To Get Everflame Seed?

How To Get Everflame Seed
How to Obtain Everflame Seeds – The only way to obtain Everflame Seeds in Genshin Impact is to defeat a level 30 or higher Pyro Regisvine. These are located directly south of Jueyun Karst and west of Luhua Pool. The World Boss constantly respawns, so you can always return and continue to fight it to earn more Everflame Seeds.

What is a seed of Everflame?

Rarity – Description A seed that provides fuel for the never-ending flames of the Pyro Regisvine. It emits Pyro energy as if it will consume everything that has ever grown from the earth. In the depths of the planet, in turbulent energy, endless desires flow. What desire could sustain such fire in the plants and so eagerly seek to engulf everything in inextinguishable flames? How to Acquire

Everflame Seeds For Ascension – The sole purpose of Everflame Seeds is to elevate Pyro characters. There is not a single crafting recipe in the game that requires the rare seeds, so save them for your favorite characters only. Otherwise, you will have to contend with Pyro Regisvine once more to obtain the valuable material. Locations of Glaze Lilies and Farming Routes

Where can I purchase the Everflame Seeds?

How To Get Everflame Seed Where To Cultivate Everflame Seeds Within Genshin Impact – You can only obtain Everflame Seed as a drop from the Pyro Regisvine, an elite level 30+ monster boss. In order to obtain Everflame Seeds, you must travel to his spawn location. Pyro Regisvine can be found on the continent of Liyue, specifically within Ley Lines.

  • Genshin Impact is located north of Dunyu Ruins and west of Tianqiu Valley.
  • When searching, keep an eye out for locations that match this description, as Pyro Regisvine will be hiding in a cave of sorts.
  • To defeat Pyro Regisivine, you only need to concentrate your damage output on its core.
  • The core will be the portion of the boss that is closest to the ground.
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If you continue to attack its core, the boss will eventually become incapacitated, allowing you to deal massive damage. You can repeat the cycle with a ranged or mage character, aiming for the head this time. You will eventually defeat Pyro Regisvine of Genshin Impact if you persist.