How To Make Seed Beads Bracelet?

How To Make Seed Beads Bracelet
How To Make Seed Beads Bracelet Fourth Step: Measure your wrist and begin threading on the cord, stopping when you reach the appropriate length. How To Make Seed Beads Bracelet How To Make Seed Beads Bracelet

How do you conceal the knot on a bracelet made of seed beads?

Directives –

  1. Calculate your wrist circumference. Cut a length of rope that is double the circumference of your wrist plus 12 inches.
  2. Stretch the elastic cord first. Folding the cable in half creates a doubled length. Use a bead stopper or a piece of masking tape to fasten the ends of the string.
  3. Arrange the beads on a tray for beading. String the beads onto the cord using your hands or a beading needle. Check the length periodically by wrapping the cord over your wrist.
  4. Once sufficient beads have been inserted, remove the bead stopper and needle. One of the free ends is threaded through the folded end. To get the folded end closer to the beads, pull the free ends.
  5. Combine the ends with a surgeon’s knot. (A surgeon’s knot resembles a square knot but has an additional pass-through. Refer to the diagram.)
  6. Apply a little amount of glue on the knot while holding the beads away from it. Slide the neighboring bead over the knot while the adhesive is still wet.
  7. Allow the adhesive to cure thoroughly. Using small, sharp scissors, trim the extra cord. (If the knot does not fit into the hole of the neighboring bead, a crimp cover can be used to disguise it.)

Needles for Stringing Beads They make it much simpler to thread many beads with a small hole onto a fine thread. They save a great deal of time. Simply thread your fine beading thread through the little loop hole at the end of the needle, put the beads down the needle, and press the loop over the beads onto the thread.

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What size thread do seed beads require?

Seed Bead Dimensions Seed beads are frequently used in bead weaving and embroidery projects, and it is essential to know the size of the beads you intend to use and the needles that may be used with them. These tables detail the size and diameter of the seed bead’s hole.

Bead Size (mm) Hole Size (mm) Bead Size (mm) Hole Size (mm)
Delica 15/0 1.3 0.65 Long Magatama 4×7 1.4
Delica 11/0 1.6 0.8 Tila 5x5x1.9 0.75
Delica 8/0 3 1.5 Half Tila 5×2.3×1.9 0.8
TOHO 15/0 1.5 0.4 Drop Fringe 3.4 0.8
TOHO 11/0 2.2 0.7 MR15 1.5 0.4
TOHO 8/0 3 0.9 MR11 2.2 0.7
TOHO 6/0 4 1.1 MR8 3 0.9
TOHO 3/0 5.5 1.4 MR6 4 1.1
6mm Cotton Pearl 6 0.81 8mm Cotton Pearl 8 0.81

Chart of Needle and Thread Sizes:

Seed Bead Size Needle Size Thread Size
6/0 6, 8, or 10 F
8/0 8 or 10 F
11/0 12 B or D
15/0 15 B or D

Seed Bead Sizing