How To Use Seed Dispensary Genshin?

How To Use Seed Dispensary Genshin
How To Use Seed Dispensary Genshin How to equip and utilize the Seed Dispensary in Genshin Impact. Equip the Seed Dispensary item from your Stock (Image via Genshin Impact) In order to obtain the Seed Dispensary item in Genshin Impact, you must first achieve Reputation Level 3 in Inazuma. Then and only then will the World Quest “The Art of Horticulture” become available. After completing the quest and receiving the gadget, players can equip it by selecting Inventory > Gadgets. Gather flowers and seeds with the device (Image via Genshin Impact) In the open world, players can now collect seeds while gathering plants. Nevertheless, the device can only collect seeds from the following plants: Silk Flower Sweet Flower CeciliaGlaze Lily Windwheel AsterQingxin Violetgrass Valberry Small Lamp Grass Jueyun Chili CarrotRadish Mint Mushroom Naku Weed HorsetailSnapdragon Cala Lily with Lotus-Head Seagrass Sea Ganoderma Automatically obtain Qingxin and Qingxin Seed (Image via Genshin Impact) To use the item, simply approach any of the aforementioned plants and collect them normally. The Seed Dispensary will automatically obtain the plant’s seed. One plant cannot produce more than twenty seeds (Image via Genshin Impact) Please note that the Seed Dispensary can only store a maximum of 20 seeds of each plant at once.

  1. If players attempt to collect more than the maximum amount of Plant Seed, they will receive the message “Plant Seed collection limit exceeded.” The plant will continue to be harvested, but no seeds will be lost.
  2. The Seed Distributory stock (Image via Genshin Impact) PC players can determine how many seeds they will have for every possible plant by clicking “Z.” When using the Seed Dispensary, it is important to note that plants harvested from the Serenitea Pot will not yield seeds.
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Additionally, radishes and carrots dropped by Investigation points or destructible objects do not produce seeds. Plants seeds within a Serenitea Pot (Image via Genshin Impact) In the Serenitea Pot, players can plant the seeds on a suitable field plot.

A Path of Value: Jade Field, A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe, and A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow are the three types of fields. Each agricultural plot can only plant four seeds at once. Two days and 22 hours are required for seeds to reach maturity. If the fields are cleared before the plants are mature, the seeds will not be returned.

It takes approximately three days for a seed to mature. Utilizing the gardening system in Genshin Impact allows players to quickly obtain local delicacies and receive free cooking ingredients, but the process is lengthy. Danyal Arabi’s editing Thank you very much! GIF Cancellation How To Use Seed Dispensary Genshin How To Use Seed Dispensary Genshin How To Use Seed Dispensary Genshin

How are seeds utilized in the Genshin realm?

Gardening System – How To Farm –

No. Procedure
1 While equipping the gadget, Seed Dispensary, pick up a plant to get seeds or Buy Seed at Realm Depot.
2 Buy the appropriate plot for the seed in realm Depot.
3 Place the plot and plant the seed.
4 Wait for 70 hours or until the seeds to grow.
5 Harvest the plant.

Each plant can hold no more than 20 seeds at a time.

How long does it take for seeds to grow in the realm of Genshin?

Genshin Impact garden types require the purchase of “croplands” from the Realm Depot in order to cultivate seeds and crops. According to leaks posted on Baidu and translated on the KQM discord, each of these gardens can grow four plants, and each plant requires three days to mature. Flower garden Vegetable garden Hydroponic garden

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How exactly does the seed box function, Genshin?

Detail A unique receptacle obtained from Madame Ping. According to her, this dispensary can “produce seeds”. In other words, it can create the seeds of various plants based on their unique characteristics, which can then be planted in the appropriate fields of your Serenitea Pot.