What Birds Like Thistle Seed?

What Birds Like Thistle Seed
Attract American goldfinches, pine siskins, dark-eyed juncos, and chickadees with nyjer, a small black seed that is commonly referred to as thistle. Nyjer seeds originate from the African daisy. They include a healthy balance of protein, fat, and fiber, making them an excellent source of calories for winter birds.

  • Bonus! Bully birds like as grackles, starlings, and blackbirds often avoid nyjer seed.
  • Ensure that the seed remains dry, and replace it every few weeks.
  • Serve nyjer seed in a tube or mesh feeder positioned apart from other feeders so that smaller species, like as blue jays, can feast without interference.

Here are some tips for selecting a nyjer feeder for finches. Now that you’ve selected the birdseed, you must select the proper bird feeder! On a tray feeder is a purple finch, courtesy of Rosemarie Pace.

Which seed do finches prefer, thistle or nyjer?

Nyjer Seed (also known as niger seed or thistle seed) is a small, high-oil-content (40%) seed that is liked mostly by finches and siskins. In order to save waste, there are thistle feeders with extremely small feeding openings. Nyjer bird seed is an oilseed crop produced in Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, and Nepal from the yellow blooming shrub Guizotia abyssinica (shown).

What time of year do finches come out? – Generally, finches stay out longer as the weather warms and plants begin to develop. This implies that spring is an ideal time to hang finch feeders. Many more finches are present and will be more active, making them easier to see.

  • Early in the spring, put out finch feeders to attract a variety of birds.
  • Finches spend the winter close to the ground and only go upwards for food when it becomes really cold.
  • You will attract these low-hanging birds by putting out your feeders in early spring.
  • Late in the spring, finches begin to nest.
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Once they have young to feed, their activity will diminish and the frequency with which they visit your feeders will decrease. Put out finch feeders in late spring to attract mating season males at the tail end of the journey. During the summer, finches spend less time at your feeders.

Do goldfinches consume the full seed of a thistle?

Remember that birds do not consume the entire seed; they simply consume the “flesh” within. The majority of the black on the ground is composed of empty shells. Because thistle tends to be more expensive than most other seeds, people dislike wasting it. They do not cycle the food in their feeders as a result.

What Birds Like Thistle Seed Use the Appropriate Seed – The American goldfinch mostly consumes seeds. They enjoy Nyjer® Seed and Sunflower Seeds immensely. These seeds are rich in oil and simple for their little beaks to consume. Because finches favor the combination of Nyjer® seed and socks, this combination is your best option for attracting a brilliant yellow bird.

Are thistle and nyjer seed interchangeable?

Nyjer seed, also known as niger or thistle seed, is favored by several backyard bird species, especially seed-eating birds and winter finches. Knowing which birds consume Nyjer might assist birders in selecting the finest bird seed and feeders for their backyard flock.