What Is Donato Seed?

What Is Donato Seed
Annatto or achiote seed is brick-red with a somewhat bitter, earthy flavor and gives Caribbean, Latin American, and Filipino meals a vibrant yellow-orange hue. It has been nicknamed “poor man’s saffron” due to its similar hue to the more costly spice.

What does Annatto seed taste like?

Due to its somewhat sweet and spicy flavor, annatto is also utilized as a condiment to improve the flavor of food. The best way to describe its scent is as nutty, spicy, and flowery.

When consumed in food quantities, Annatto seed extract is LIKELY SAFE for most individuals. The leaf powder is POSSIBLY SAFE at dosages up to 750 mg per day for one year.

What is annatto consist of?

Annatto is a culinary coloring obtained from the achiote tree’s seeds.