What Is The Seed For The Original Minecraft Tutorial?

What Is The Seed For The Original Minecraft Tutorial
The Tutorial is an environment that teaches the player the fundamental Minecraft principles. New instructional universe.

  1. New instructional universe.
  2. Seed: 1227750481513469519.
  3. Travel the globe with World Download.

Has Minecraft eliminated the Tutorial?

No instructional world in Minecraft’s newest version? There is no Tutorial world in the latest version of Minecraft. If you possess the Xbox One version, the Tutorial environment should be importable into the updated version. Eric Type of abuse Harassment or threats Inappropriate/Adult content Nudity Profanity Software piracy SPAM/Advertising Virus/Spyware/Malware threat Other Terms of Service or Code of Conduct violation Child exploitation or abuse Harassment is any behavior that is intended to cause distress or annoyance.

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No instructional world in Minecraft’s newest version?

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Xbox 360 Edition TU11 was published for Xbox 360 on May 10, 2013. According to users, this is also the most nostalgic version of the game. Notably, if you possessed the disk version of Minecraft but not Xbox Live, you would be locked on TU11.

Why did Minecraft eliminate custom worlds?

Antiquated Customized For the present world kind of Customized, see. This article discusses material exclusive to obsolete versions of. This relates to world type before to snapshot, which no longer exists. This functionality is only available to. An illustration of customized terrain development.

Mini games were exclusive to the Xbox One edition of Minecraft. The Bedrock edition does not have the same minigames as the older version. Instead, they utilize servers as minigames. The Xbox One edition is distinguished by the addition of “Xbox One edition” to the Minecraft name.

What seed is the beautiful universe of Stampy?

Trivia – During version 1.6.6, the seed for Stampy’s Lovely World is ” 6644803604819148923 “. Since its formal creation in Title Update 1 of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, the world generating code. On systems other than Xbox 360 Edition, the world spawn is at least 50 pieces distant from its intended location and is totally different from the official world spawn.