What Seed Was Villanova In 1985?

What Seed Was Villanova In 1985

1985 NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament

Season 1984–85
Teams 64
Finals site Rupp Arena Lexington, Kentucky
Champions Villanova Wildcats (1st title, 1st title game, 2nd Final Four)
Runner-up Georgetown Hoyas (3rd title game, 4th Final Four)
Semifinalists Memphis State Tigers (Vacated) (2nd Final Four) St. John’s Redmen (2nd Final Four)
Winning coach Rollie Massimino (1st title)
MOP Ed Pinckney (Villanova)
Attendance 422,519
Top scorer Chris Mullin St. John’s (110 points)


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In 1985, 64 schools competed in a single-elimination tournament to decide the NCAA Division I men’s basketball national champion. This was the first year that the field was increased to 64 teams, up from 53 the year prior. The tournament began on March 14, 1985, and concluded with the final game in Lexington, Kentucky on April 1.

There were a total of 63 games played. Villanova, coached by Rollie Massimino, won its first national championship with a 66–64 victory against Georgetown, coached by John Thompson, in the championship game. Villanova’s Ed Pinckney was selected the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. The game, which is sometimes referred to as “The Perfect Game,” is widely regarded as one of the greatest upsets in college basketball history and is the second-largest point-spread upset in Championship Game history.

This Villanova squad is the lowest-seeded champion in tournament history. The Wildcats also hold the distinction of being the only Division I men’s national champion to represent a school that did not sponsor varsity football at the time of their triumph (Villanova had dropped football after the 1980 season and did not reinstate the sport until the 1985 season, the first after the championship game).

  • Notable also for being the final game played without a shot clock.
  • This year’s Final Four featured three teams from the same conference, with Villanova, Georgetown, and St.
  • John’s all hailing from the Big East.
  • Memphis State, then a member of the Metro Conference, was the sole “intruder” at the Big East celebration.

Memphis State’s 1985 Final Four participation and all of its tournament berths from 1982 through 1986 were annulled owing to the use of ineligible players. Additionally, this was the first year that one of the regionals was titled “Southeast,” replacing “Mideast.” This name remained in use until 1998, when it was replaced with “South.” This was also the last tournament until 2010 in which the championship game included two private institutions.

What seed was Villanova in 1985 when they won the national championship?

2016-04-04 (NCAA tournament) — No.2 seed Villanova 77, No.1 seed North Carolina 74 – Villanova junior forward Kris Jenkins hit one of the greatest shots in NCAA tournament history when his 3-pointer from behind went through the rim at the buzzer, giving Villanova the national championship with a 77-74 victory over North Carolina.

The Wildcats trailed by five points at halftime and need a team-high 20 points from bench player Phil Booth, who scored 6-of-7 field goals and all six free throw attempts. Jenkins stated, “I believe every shot is going in, and this one was no different.” The Wildcats overcame a 64 percent 3-point shooting performance and a plus-13 rebounding edge by North Carolina (11-for-17), while Villanova’s offense hit 58 percent of its field goal attempts and 57 percent of its 3-point attempts.

Final Four’s most remarkable player Ryan Arcidiacono scored 16 points while grabbing two rebounds and dishing out two assists. Villanova college basketball titles: a comprehensive history | NCAA.com

How often have the No.1 and No.8 seeds met for the national championship? The 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament concluded on Monday, April 4, with the championship game. The top-ranked Kansas Jayhawks will play the eighth-ranked North Carolina Tar Heels.

The 2022 NCAA Men’s Championship game will be broadcast on TBS at 9:20 p.m. ET from the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The No.1 seed is projected to play in the title game, although the No.8 seed is unlikely to do so. North Carolina is only the fourth eighth-seed to compete in the national championship game.

In fact, the No.8 seed is the lowest seed to have ever made a finals appearance.8-seeds are 1-1 in finals games thus far. In 1985, No.8 Villanova defeated No.1 Georgetown to earn the sole 8-seed triumph. In 2011, No.8 Butler fell to No.3 Connecticut, and in 2014, No.8 Kentucky fell to No.7 Connecticut.

Which seed is the lowest to qualify for the national championship?

Lowest Seed to Reach the NCAA Final Game Typically, the NCAA Tournament is won by one of the top seeds. Nineteen of the previous twenty-seven NCAA Tournaments have been won by the No.1 seed. However, you may find it interesting to learn that there have been some quite significant upsets throughout the years.

What is the lowest-ever seed to win the NCAA Championship? This article will provide an answer to your query. A No.8 seed has reached the final game four times. It occurred in 1980 with UCLA, again in 1985 with Villanova, and again in 2011 with Butler. That year, Villanova went on to win the title, becoming the lowest seed ever to do so.

In 2014, Kentucky was the most recent No.8 seed to progress to the final game, when they were defeated by No.7 Connecticut. Notably, UCLA’s run occurred when there were only 48 teams in the tournament. Coincidentally 1985, when Villanova started their epic run, was the first year of the current era with the iconic 64-team bracket.

How have eight national championship seeds performed? No.8 Villanova defeated Georgetown in 1985, No.8 Butler fell to No.3 Connecticut in 2011, and No.8 Kentucky fell to No.7 Connecticut in 2014 (the highest seed total in national championship history).

  1. North Carolina will attempt to level the score, but its job is far more comparable to that of Villanova: a program facing a top-seeded Goliath in Kansas.
  2. Dwayne McClain’s 17-point performance and Ed Pinckney’s 16-point performance contributed to Villanova’s 66-64 victory in 1985.
  3. Patrick Ewing was limited to 14 points on the night, while three Wildcats played 40 minutes.

In the era before the shot clock, Villanova memorably hit 9-for-10 from the field in the second half. Against the third-seeded Connecticut, Butler’s 12-for-64 shooting performance was by far the worst of these teams. Shelvin Mack scored 13 points to lead the Bulldogs, whereas Alex Oriakhi, Jeremy Lamb, and Kemba Walker guided the Huskies to a 53-41 victory.

  • Connecticut defeated Kentucky 60-54, with Shabazz Napier leading the way with 22 points.
  • James Young scored 20 points, but he and Julius Randle were the only players in double figures for Kentucky (Randle had just 10 points).
  • North Carolina will attempt to even the 8 seed record.
  • In an odd way, history is on the Tar Heels’ side when it comes to trend followers.

They’re facing a No.1 seed, and it’s not Connecticut, so that’s something. Ochai Agbaji and David McCormack have dominated games for the Kansas Jayhawks throughout the whole tournament. Hubert Davis and his squad will be responsible for slowing them down in order to end the No.8 seed’s national championship losing streak: The Top Four What is the lowest seed to reach the NCAA championship game in 2022? North Carolina is added to the list

How many 8 seeds have reached the championship round?

Superhuman Strength – The only three eighth-seeded teams to reach the championship game: 2014: Kentucky 2011: Butler In 1985, the first year the NCAA Tournament field increased to 64 teams, Villanova went on to win the championship. From 1996 through 2004, an 8-seed advanced to the Sweet 16 every other year.