What Will The Radicle Become As The Seed Develops Into An Adult Plant?

What Will The Radicle Become As The Seed Develops Into An Adult Plant
Response and Justification: 1 – The correct response: As the seed develops into an adult plant, the radicle will become the a) root. There is. in the process of seed germination. See answer in full below.

What will the radicle develop into as the seed matures?

Anatomy and function of Roots When a seed germinates, the first organ to appear is the primary root, or radicle. It grows downward into the soil, serving as an anchor for the seedling. The radicle transforms into the taproot in gymnosperms and dicotyledons (angiosperms with two seed leaves).

Flowering plants originate from seeds – Flowering plants produce seeds, which are then dispersed by their parents. When a seed lands in a location with favorable conditions for its germination, it bursts open. The embryo contained within the seed begins to develop into a seedling.

What does radical eventually become?

Attributes of Radicle –

  1. Radicle is a white color.
  2. The radicle develops into the new plant’s root system.
  3. As it moves towards the soil, the radicle is positively geotropic.
  4. Radicle is hydrotropic in the sense that it moves towards moisture.
  5. Negatively phototropic, radicle grows away from the sun.
  6. The radicle is the embryonic plant tissue found within the seed.
  7. During germination, the seed’s micropyle gives rise to the development of the radicle.
  8. A root cap protects the newly developed radicle, which functions by absorbing and transporting water and nutrients for the plant’s continued growth and development.

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Radicle – The Embryonic Root or Part of the Seed Embryo – An Overview and Quiz Answers