When To Plant Grass Seed In Tn?

When To Plant Grass Seed In Tn
In Tennessee, late August to mid-October is considered an ideal time to seed these cool-season turfgrasses. Although late summer and early fall plantings are preferred, and wet, rainy weather may make soil preparation difficult, fescues and ryegrasses are sometimes seeded in late winter or early spring.

Can grass seed be planted in the spring in Tennessee?

It is feasible to sow grass seeds in Tennessee in the spring, between late February and early April, but cool-season grass seeds, such as Jonathan Green Black Beauty®, perform best when planted in early autumn (late August to mid-October). Autumn’s warm days and mild evenings are suitable for the germination of seeds.

When should I fertilize my Tennessee lawn?

When to Overseed – In Tennessee, the greatest time to overseed your lawn is between mid-August and mid-October, when the colder temperatures are optimal for cool-season grasses. There is sufficient moisture in the soil to promote seed germination, and the colder air will promote grass growth. Springtime is the second-best period for overseeding (mid-March to mid-April).

Can grass seed be planted in early March?

– March is too soon to plant the majority of grass seeds. This time of year, temperatures will be too low unless you reside in a warm climate. Plant grass only when the average daily temperature is approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit.