When To Use Pre Seed?

When To Use Pre Seed
Each batch of Pre-Seed is tested to verify the following: (see table.) Click on icon to display table/diagram/image Ingredients: Purified Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Pluronic, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate, Carbomer, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide, Arabinogalactan, Potassium Phosphate, Propylparaben.

  • Clinically proved to be fertility-friendly lubricant.
  • Isotonic and pH adjusted to resemble reproductive fluids.
  • Natural sensation.
  • Most women will suffer intermittent vaginal dryness at some time, which can cause pain during intercourse.
  • When women are attempting to conceive (TTC), this dryness might develop when a couple changes from lovemaking to “baby-making,” with planned intercourse around ovulation time.

Unfortunately, several popular lubricants can be hazardous to sperm and should not be used when you are ready to conceive. Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Personal Lubricant is primarily intended for use when attempting to conceive. Pre-specific Seed’s wetness is regulated to match the fertile fluids naturally created by the body.

Pre-Seed can best replicate and complement these natural fluids when it is placed within the vagina near the cervix before intercourse, using the applicators provided with the Combo Pack. Fingers can also be used to apply Pre-Seed to the genital region. Personal Uses: Pre-Seed supplements the body’s natural lubricating fluids in order to moisturize, reduce friction, and improve the ease and comfort of intimate sexual contact.

Pre-Seed may be administered to vaginal or penile tissues for lubrication and moisturization by couples attempting to conceive. It is compatible with condoms made of latex and polyurethane. Instructions for Applying Pre-Seed using Throw-Away Applicators: Remove the tube’s seal before to initial usage.

Pre-Seed can be administered before to sexual activity. Inserting the lubricant prior to the patient initiating sexual activity causes the moisture to distribute throughout the vagina and promotes more spontaneity. As part of their pre-lovemaking ritual, many women apply Pre-Seed 15 minutes before to sexual activity.

With the plunger fully retracted (closed), thread the applicator onto the Pre-Seed tube along its threads. Squeeze the bottom of the Pre-Seed tube to drive lubricant into the applicator, and continue to squeeze until the plunger rises and the applicator is filled to the desired level.

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Do not retract the plunger to fill the container. The majority of ladies will choose for the 2 or 3 g fill line. Unwind the applicator from the tube then. Ensure that the open end of the applicator remains upright until it is put into the vagina, so that no product is lost. Replace the cap securely after each use and roll up the tube from the bottom.

Do not leave Pre-Seed without its cap between usage. Prior to usage, do not store Pre-Seed in the applicator for more than 30 minutes. This implies that unused Pre-Seed and the applicator must be destroyed if the patient pulls Pre-Seed into the applicator but does not introduce it into the vagina within 30 minutes.

  1. To apply Pre-Seed, put half or more of the applicator into the vagina with care.
  2. This may be accomplished while standing, lying down, or seated (such as on the toilet).
  3. If the applicator is difficult or painful to insert, return it to the vulvar entrance and reposition it toward the middle of the vagina.

Typically, this will need the patient to put the applicator at a greater angle toward the patient’s back. The patient may also apply Pre-Seed directly on the external genitalia with their fingers to facilitate applicator entry. Once within the vagina, hold the applicator’s barrel in place and slowly press the plunger in to discharge lubrication into the vagina.

  • Remove both applicator components from the vagina.
  • Throw away the applicator after use.
  • Do not reuse applicators.
  • If this procedure does not produce sufficient moisture, the patient should put Pre-Seed into the vagina while laying in bed IMMEDIATELY before to sexual activity.
  • Patients may also apply a tiny amount of Pre-Seed directly to the external genitalia by squeezing a small bit from the tube onto their hands.
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If this procedure creates too much moisture, use the product earlier (e.g., up to an hour) before sexual activity, apply fewer grams of product (1-2 g), or wipe the vulvar region with a tissue after administering Pre-Seed into the vagina. Directions for External Use of Pre-Seed: Remove the tube’s seal before to initial usage.

Apply a little quantity of Pre-Seed (the size of a quarter) to the vaginal region with your finger. Vary the quantity to obtain the required lubrication. In order to saturate the skin and give longer-lasting lubrication, Pre-gentle Seed’s components may necessitate that the patient first use a bit more than they would with other treatments.

Individuals Utilizing Pre-Seed While Attempting Conception: Consult the physician if, after six months of product use, the patient has not become pregnant. If Pre-Seed application causes irritation or pain, stop using the product. If the symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

  1. Pre-Seed is not a birth control method.
  2. It does not affect or hinder the function of sperm.
  3. Pre-Seed is highly slippery; promptly wipe up any spills.
  4. Do not use if there is a current infection or vaginal injuries.
  5. No patient data about viable pregnancies or birth outcomes in patients taking this product are currently available.

Only one application is permitted per applicator, as stated in the usage instructions. After usage, discard each applicator by throwing it in a garbage can. Do not reuse applicator. Use a fresh applicator or apply by hand if extra lubricant is required.

Utilize Pre-Seed throughout your ovulation?

Preseed lubrication is a fertility-friendly lubricant created by a sperm physiologist to aid in the conception of a child. This is a sperm-friendly lubricant, thus using it during your fertile days provides a sperm-friendly environment that facilitates sperm reaching the egg and fertilizing it.

  1. Preseed is a wonderful option for couples attempting to conceive through natural reproductive techniques.
  2. When to apply pre-seeding Using a pre-seed lubricant augments your lubrication and moisture and has increased the likelihood of pregnancy for many women.
  3. Buy pre-seed lubricant online and apply it as directed for the product to function properly.
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Always use a fertility-friendly lubricant before engaging in sexual activity. You may use it throughout your reproductive days or throughout the entire month. Utilizing an applicator, apply preseed lubricant. This permits the lubricant to cover the walls of the female anatomy, enhancing closeness and comfort during sexual activity.

How do you efficiently utilize Preseed? Utilize a fertility lubricant before to sexual activity to produce a sperm-friendly environment. The lubricant facilitates the sperm’s ability to reach the egg and survive the long voyage. Many women use it vaginally at least 15 minutes prior to sexual activity to increase the likelihood of conception.

It is recommended to use it during your ovulation phase, when the likelihood of sperm reaching the ovum is highest. For couples wanting to conceive, fertility-friendly lubricants are the optimal choice. Can I utilize preseed daily? You can utilize preseed if you are preparing for interplay.

How long must you wait after applying Pre-Seed?


How long does Pre-seed stay in your system? – This will vary from person to person based on their level of activity and if they bathe, swim, etc. To maximize its efficacy, it is preferable to apply Pre-Seed no more than 15 minutes before sexual activity and to remain in bed thereafter to give the sperm the best chance of success.