Where Can I Buy Kentucky Bluegrass Seed?

Where Can I Buy Kentucky Bluegrass Seed
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Where does Kentucky bluegrass grow most effectively?

It forms a dense sod via rhizomes and thrives in cool, moist weather on well-drained, fertile soils with a pH between 6 and 7. (Table 1). Although Kentucky bluegrass is found throughout the United States, it is most important agriculturally in the north central and northeastern regions and is best adapted to areas where the average daily temperature during July does not exceed 75°F.

Table 1. Characteristics of perennial cool-season grasses in the Northeast.

Grass Seedling vigor Tolerance to soil limitations Winter survival rate Tolerance frequency Relative maturity b
Dry Wet Low pH a
a pH of 6.0 b Maturity characteristic refers to relative time of seed head appearance in the spring, which will depend not only on species but also on variety. c L = low, M = moderate, H = high
Kentucky bluegrass M c L M M H H Early
Orchardgrass H M M M M H Early-medium
Perennial ryegrass H L M M L H Early-medium
Reed canarygrass L H H H H H Medium-late
Smooth bromegrass H H M M H L Medium-late
Tall fescue H M M H M H Medium-late
Timothy M L L M H L Late

Most pastures in the northeastern United States contain Kentucky bluegrass because it tolerates close and frequent grazing better than other cool-season forage grasses. This characteristic makes Kentucky bluegrass an ideal species for permanent, continuously grazed pastures.

Can I simply sow grass seed on my lawn?

Can grass seed simply be spread over an existing lawn? Although it is possible to sow new grass seed directly onto an existing lawn, taking the time to prepare the lawn beforehand will increase the probability of seed germination and improve the final result.