Where To Find Everflame Seed?

Where To Find Everflame Seed
How to Obtain Everflame Seeds – The only method to obtain Everflame Seeds in Genshin Impact is to beat a level 30 or higher Pyro Regisvine. These are located just south of Jueyun Karst and west of Luhua Pool. The World Boss always respawns, so you may always return and continue to battle it to gain more Everflame Seeds.

What is the purpose of Everflame seed for Genshin?

What Is Everburning Seed? –

Category Character Level-Up
Detail A seed that fuels the unending flames of the Pyro Regisvine. It emits pyro energy as if it will burn all that has ever sprouted from the ground. Endless desires flow among turbulent energy deep within the earth. What desire could steadilyy hold such fire to the plants and long so eagerly to bathe everything in unquenchable flames?

Zhongli For General Defense – The Pyro Hypostasis hits hard, and unless you can precisely avoid its blows, you’ll need a shield to absorb the damage. This is ideal for Zhongli, as he possesses one of the finest shield elemental talents in the game. Zhongli Best Team & Build Comp

How long does Pyro Regisvine take to Respawn?

Pyro Regisvine – Boss Location –

Resin Cost 40 Original Resin
Respawn Time Around 5 minutes (Teleport to another point will cause it to respawn as well)
Coop / Multiplayer Available

If you continue to strike its core, the monster will ultimately become incapacitated, allowing you to do huge damage. You can repeat the cycle with a ranged or mage character, aiming for the head this time. You will finally overcome Pyro Regisvine of Genshin Impact if you persist.