How Many Calories In Cucumber Salad?

How Many Calories In Cucumber Salad
1 cup of cucumber salad made with cucumbers, oil, and vinegar, and onions has 183 calories, 10.5 grams of total carbohydrates, 9.7 grams of net carbohydrates, 15.4 grams of fat, and 0.8 grams of protein.

How many calories are in a plate of cucumber salad?

1 cup of cucumber salad that is made with cucumbers, vinegar, and onions has 52 calories, 0.1 gram of fat, 0.8 gram of protein, 11.5 grams of total carbohydrates, and 10.7 grams of net carbohydrates.

How many calories and carbs in cucumber salad?

Cucumber salad, made with sour cream dressing Cucumber salad, made with Italian dressing Tomato and cucumber salad made with tomato, and vinegar, oil, cucumber Related foods include cabbage salad or coleslaw, made with creamy dressing Cabbage salad or coleslaw, made with coleslaw dressing Cabbage salad or coleslaw, made with Italian dressing Cabbage salad or coleslaw, made with light coleslaw dressing Cabbage salad or coleslaw, made with creamy dressing Tomato and cucumber salad made There is 0.1 gram of fat, 0.8 grams of protein, and 11 grams of carbohydrates in this meal.

  • The latter has 8.5 grams of sugar in addition to 0.8 grams of dietary fiber, while the remainder of the carbohydrate content is complex.
  • A dish of cucumber salad that is made with only cucumbers and vinegar has zero grams of saturated fat and zero milligrams of cholesterol in it.
  • There are 4.77 mcg of vitamin A, 4.0 mg of vitamin C, and 0.00 mcg of vitamin D in 159 g of cucumber salad made using cucumbers and vinegar.

Additionally, there is 0.38 mg of iron, 22.26 mg of calcium, and 196 mg of potassium in this amount. The cuisine category known as “Coleslaw, non-lettuce salads” includes cucumber salads that are prepared with cucumbers and vinegar.

Food properties
Source USDA Food and nutrient database
Category Coleslaw, non-lettuce salads


How many calories are in 10 Cucumber slices?

A synopsis of nutrition: –

Calories 8 Fat 0.11g Carbs 1.51g Protein 0.41g


There are 8 calories in 10 slices of Cucumber. Calorie breakdown: 12% fat, 69% carbs, 19% protein.

How many calories are in a full Cucumber?

4. It Might Help You Lose Weight Cucumbers might be able to assist you in losing weight in a few different ways, so eating them might be a good idea. To begin, they have a relatively low calorie count. There are just 16 calories in each serving size of one cup (104 grams), and there are only 45 calories in a complete 11-ounce (300-gram) cucumber ( 1 ).

  1. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about piling on the excess calories that might lead to weight gain even if you consume a lot of cucumbers.
  2. In addition to enhancing the flavor of salads, sandwiches, and side dishes with their crisp, refreshing quality, cucumbers may stand in for other foods that are often higher in calories.

In addition to that, the high water content of cucumbers may also contribute to the weight reduction process. The consumption of foods that are rich in water content and low in calorie content was related with a considerable reduction in body weight, according to the findings of a study that looked at 13 research involving 3,628 persons ( 11 ).

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Is tomato and cucumber salad good for weight loss?

Eat More While Cutting Calories Tomato and cucumber salads can assist with weight reduction by helping to satiate hunger without adding many calories to the meal. This can help you eat less overall, which can lead to weight loss. Only 32 calories are found in one cup of chopped tomatoes, whereas only 16 calories may be found in one cup of fresh cucumber slices.

To add taste to your salad without significantly increasing the number of calories it contains, try using herbs and spices like oregano, thyme, or basil. At a summer BBQ, opt for a dish of tomato and cucumber salad instead of coleslaw, or build a low-calorie, satiating dinner out of tomato, cucumber, and grilled chicken salad with whole-grain bread.

Both of these options are delicious and healthy.

Is cucumber salad nutritious?

Is it healthy to eat cucumber salad? – Yes! There is a trace amount of vitamin K in cucumbers, which is an essential component in maintaining regular blood clotting. They also include a little amount of potassium, which is a mineral that plays an important role in maintaining normal blood pressure.

Because cucumbers contain a high proportion of water (they are composed of 96 percent water! ), eating them is satisfying despite the fact that they have a low calorie count. In addition, onions contain substances that inhibit the growth of disease-causing organisms, and the pigments found in red onions, like those used in this dish, act as antioxidants in the human body.


Is it good to eat cucumber everyday?

02/11 Cucumbers are beneficial for digestion since they are full of vitamins, fiber, and water. Indigestion can be alleviated by eating cucumbers. Consuming a cucumber on a regular basis can help address problems connected to bowel motions and, as a result, can assist in relieving constipation. readmore

How many cucumbers should you eat a day?

Date and time of publication: 22 February 2021, 14:58 IST 120 When one thinks of a healthy diet, the first thing that nearly always springs to mind is a big bowl of salad. You really can’t argue with the fact that salads are packed to the brim with all of the necessary nutrients that your body need.

  • Let’s be honest: the good old cucumber is virtually always included in the assortment of ingredients that make up the perfect salad.
  • The reason for this is due to the fact that it provides a variety of advantages to one’s health.
  • You have to understand that cucumbers are extremely low in calories and contain a lot of water.

Additionally, cucumbers have a high value in terms of their nutritional content. It’s chock full of essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals. There are just 8 calories in a half cup of sliced cucumber, but there are also 1.9 grams of carbs, 0.3 grams of fiber, and 0.3 grams of proteins in that serving size.

In addition, it is a good source of manganese, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K. “Eating just one cucumber a day can be beneficial! It mostly contains water. So, even if you were to eat more than one, it won’t cause any harm. In fact, it will keep you full and help you avoid reaching out for any junk food,” said nutritionist Manisha Chopra.

“Eating just one cucumber a day can be beneficial! It mostly contains water.”

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Is it good to eat cucumber at night?

Consuming cucumbers at night is extremely advantageous to one’s health due to the fact that they are packed with several nutrients, including vitamins, water, and dietary fiber, all of which assist the body in performing its functions as intended. This fruit also ensures an exceptional flavor when used in the salad, making it one of the elements that can be used to prepare one of the meals that a lot of people look forward to the most.

How many calories are salad?

How many calories are there in a bowl of salad? There are a variety of salad preparations, each with its own unique calorie count. The average number of calories per dish falls around between 300 and 500.

How many calories are in a creamy cucumber?

A synopsis of nutrition: –

Calories 272 Fat 7.56g Carbs 49.28g Protein 2.96g


There are 272 calories in 1 serving of Creamy Cucumber Salad. Calorie breakdown: 25% fat, 71% carbs, 4% protein.

Do cucumbers have protein?

Pick cucumbers that are fresh and crisp, avoiding ones that have ends that are shriveled or withered. Keep for up to a week in the refrigerator after opening. After the cucumbers have been picked, some farmers treat them in wax before selling them. Do not wash them before keeping them, but before using them, either thoroughly rinse them or peel them.

Cucumbers are often eaten in their raw form. Because of their mild flavor and crisp, refreshing texture, they are good for: Incorporating into foods like salads and sandwiches; serving as an accompaniment to flavorful main courses like stews and curries; They are delicious when combined with a wide variety of dishes, such as cheese, turkey, salmon, and nut butter.

Experiment with the following: Make a gazpacho soup by blending cucumbers with tomatoes, pimentos, garlic, onions, and bread crumbs, and then chilling the mixture. Mix cucumbers with garlic, mint, and Greek yogurt to serve as an accompaniment to a curry.

What nutrition does cucumbers have?

How Many Calories In Cucumber Salad How Many Calories In Cucumber Salad Review conducted on this topic on August 02, 2021 by Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD The recommended daily intake of water for an adult is around 3 quarts (12 cups). Typically, somewhere in the neighborhood of a quarter of that comes from eating. The best source of this nutrient is cucumbers.

  • Each one is composed of around 95% water.
  • This is significant since the proper functioning of your cells depends on receiving an adequate supply of water.
  • If you do not have it, you risk being unwell and dizzy.
  • In the event that your condition is severe, you may be required to seek care at a hospital.
  • Cucumbers contain a lot of water, which hydrates your cells but also does other things.
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Additionally, it satisfies your hunger for longer, which may cause you to eat less calories overall. Cucumbers, when sliced, provide just 16 calories in one cup’s worth. This indicates that it has a very low “energy density,” and research has shown that those who consume more meals with low energy density find it simpler to maintain a healthy weight.

  1. They are found in abundance in cucumbers.
  2. You may receive 14% to 19% of the daily vitamin K requirement with only one cup of cucumber slices.
  3. Cucumbers are rich in vitamin K.
  4. You will also obtain minerals and vitamins such as copper, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, in addition to vitamins B and C.

A high level of sugar in the blood might contribute to the production of an excessive amount of chemicals that are known as ROS and ROC. In trials primarily conducted on animals, cucumbers have demonstrated some of the potential to manage this issue. Rats that consumed a greater quantity of cucumbers produced lower levels of ROS and ROC.

  1. These findings need to be backed up by more research conducted on actual people.
  2. Cucumbers offer a unique collection of antioxidants, which include flavonoids, lignans, and triterpenes.
  3. These feisty tiny compounds help protect your cells from harm caused by substances that grow in your body and are referred to as “free radicals.” They not only defend the cells, but they also reduce the inflammation that is associated with disorders such as arthritis and other chronic diseases.

If you eat them as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet, cucumbers can be beneficial to your cardiovascular system. The antioxidant activity of these foods helps to slow down or stop the progression of heart-related diseases. Additionally, some studies suggest that the one-of-a-kind combination of nutrients found in cucumber seeds may assist in lowering cholesterol levels, which may have a direct bearing on the state of one’s cardiovascular system.

  • So ignore the cucumbers labeled as “seedless” and opt for the real thing instead.
  • If you consume a large quantity of nutritious foods such as cucumber, you will have less place in your stomach for meals that are heavy in salt and fat, which can slow down your digestion.
  • In addition, the increased hydration that comes from eating cucumbers because of all the water they contain might help keep you from being obstructed (constipation).

In addition to this, they contain a respectable quantity of fiber, which plays a role in maintaining regular bowel movements. Cucumbers are fermented by placing them in a salt solution and leaving them there until bacteria begin to feed on them. This results in a taste that is both rich and unique, with a sour edge. How Many Calories In Cucumber Salad How Many Calories In Cucumber Salad How Many Calories In Cucumber Salad How Many Calories In Cucumber Salad How Many Calories In Cucumber Salad How Many Calories In Cucumber Salad