When To Transplant Cherry Tomato Seedlings?

When To Transplant Cherry Tomato Seedlings
When tomato seedlings have reached a height of at least 3 inches and have their first true leaves, also known as the second and subsequent sets of leaves that develop, they are ready to be transferred into their permanent homes.

How do you know when to transplant cherry tomatoes?

When your plants have one to two leaves and are between three and four inches tall, you will know that it is time to transplant them into their permanent locations. The process of hardening off your cherry tomato seedlings is a vital step in acclimating them to the outside environment. It could take a little bit of additional effort, but it’s definitely worth it to have healthy plants in the end.

How do you take care of a cherry tomato plant?

Shake the roots loose by giving the cherry tomato plants that you are taking from their seedling pots a little tug. It is important to avoid ripping the seedlings out of their containers too violently or you can damage the root systems of the plants.

How to grow cherry tomatoes from seeds?

When being transplanted, cherry tomatoes, like other types of tomatoes, like to have their roots completely submerged. When planting your new tomato plants, you need to ensure that the holes you dig are at least 6 to 8 inches deep.2. Make certain that the area where you intend to plant your cherry tomatoes receives a good deal of light.