How To Get Epic Catfruit Seed?

How To Get Epic Catfruit Seed
Yes, epic seeds can only be obtained after defeating An Ancient Curse from Growing Epic. After finishing An Ancient Curse, it is possible to get Epic Catfruit and Epic Catfruit Seeds from ‘Growing Epic’ for a few hours every weekend. Only Growing Epic provides access to epic seeds.

How uncommon is it to acquire an amazing Catfruit?

How can one quickly obtain legendary catfruit? | Fandom I really want to obtain ultra-rare true forms, but obtaining epic catfruit is difficult (currently I only have 2, and 1 was a user ranking reward) (under the direction of The Cat General) 0 I once spent 5,000 energy on five or less amazing catfruit throughout regular growth phases (edited by NotNoob1) 0 With a 5% epic probability on the major stages, the fact that it substitutes the usual drop, and the possibility of receiving seeds, you receive an average of 1.5 epics every set of non-epics.

  • The subsequent level more than makes up for that, so you frequently wind up with five or six epic fruits by the time you obtain all others.
  • Then, it is less energy efficient, but it is irrelevant to my thesis.
  • Editorial assistance provided by Red anvil) 0 I was referring to when you already had ordinary catfruits but no epic catfruits, which is the case with me (edited by NotNoob1) (under the direction of The Cat General) 0 Write your results (stage repeat, energy used and epic catfruits gotten) And what stage is most significant? (edited by NotNoob1) (under the direction of The Cat General) (revision by NotNoob1 0 (Right following week) (Right next week) 1 year later, I’ve had too many attempts on carfruit jubilee and still haven’t gotten an epic, and my luck in general is so bad that I can’t acquire the epics I need.
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And don’t have growth epic the stage nor carfruit buffet I would do it but don’t know how to obtain them I’ve done catfruit jubilee like 30 times and can’t get a single one is there something I can do? (editorial assistance provided by Beachbobzyll4) 0 Beachbobzyll4 – Yes.

How do I gain access to Growing Epic?

Expanding epic Growing Epic is a gathering event that occurs on Saturdays and Sundays for three hours each day. Unlocking it requires clearance. The first level drops an, whilst the second level drops an Epic Catfruit Seed. Both phases are lethal.