Where Is Korok Seed Guy?

Where Is Korok Seed Guy
Advertising for the Second Hestu Location After two renovations, Hestu declares he would march north to Korok Village, but he never arrives. Draw a straight line from Kakariko Village to the left bank of the Hylia River to locate him. Hestu will wait slightly north of Owlan Bridge, northeast of Riverside Stable.

Where can Hestu be found?

Where Is Korok Seed Guy Where Is Korok Seed Guy Locations #1 – Duelling Peaks Tower region – Select map to view in its entirety (opens in a new window) Head north from Dueling Peaks Stable towards Kakario Village, following the main story, and shortly after crossing Kakariko Bridge, you’ll see Hestu standing next to a tree on the right side of the path.

Finding Hestu – Throughout the course of the game, you will encounter Hestu in three different locales. You will first encounter him along the route to the south of Kakariko Village. He will remain here until you have twice upgraded your inventory. He will then transfer to the Riverside Stable. Where Is Korok Seed Guy

What does Hestu’s gift do?

Hestu’s Gift is one of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Key Items and the prize for gathering all 900 korok seeds. A token of friendship bestowed upon you by Hestu. It smells rather foul. This item has no particular properties other than its capacity to make Hestu dance on demand.