Why Are Gymnosperms Considered To Be Naked Seed Plants?

Why Are Gymnosperms Considered To Be Naked Seed Plants
In gymnosperms (plants with ‘naked seeds’) such as conifers, cycads, and ginkgo, the ovules are not encased in an ovary but rather lie exposed on leaflike structures called megasporophylls.

Which of the following is a plant with naked seeds?

Gymnosperms are plants whose post-fertilized seeds are frequently not enclosed, i.e., they are naked.

Angiosperms are flowering plants that contain seeds within their fruit. As opposed to gymnosperms, which lack flowers and fruit and have bare seeds on their leaf surfaces. Gymnosperm seeds take the form of cones.

How are gymnosperm seeds distinct from other seeds?

The primary distinction between angiosperms and gymnosperms is the development of their seeds. Angiosperm seeds develop in the ovaries of flowers and are encased in a protective fruit. The seeds of gymnosperms are typically produced in unisexual cones known as strobili, and the plants lack fruits and flowers.